Any suggestion to stop webRTC leak with Brave Dev browser?


Using Privacy Badger for the sole purpose of blocking webRTC leak. I normally use ublock origin, decentralyces, stayfocusd, https everywhere and bitwarden in firefox and chrome.
I thought since Brave has default security settings I should use minimal addons which increase/decrease security of the browser.
So thought against using HTTPS Everywhere and ublock origin. But had to chose between ublock origin or Privacy Badger to prevent webRTC leak (As this is the only way now to block webRTC leak in chrome).

What does the Brave community think?

Really looks and feels excellent.
By the way, when would we expect this on mobiles and iPhones?


There a small discussion about it here - Preview and list of custom filter and the following link mentions it additon to Brave-Core.

As for the extensions, I think the ongoing research and improvements to the features post 1.0 will have many users deprecate their usage of uBo which also has the prevent ip leak, Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere wouldn’t probably be installed by any Brave user seeing as it’s practically built into the browser itself. However, Decentralyces is probably the only privacy addition some users may use, though I haven’t used it myself.

I think they’re going to work on the mobile versions after they’ve worked on the Browser versions, so post 1.0. The timeline and roadmap isn’t as through and updated as their browser version, they just have snippets of information.


Thanks for your response.
Yes. I understand there is no need of a cookies manager as Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere as they are built in.
But (to block webRTC leak) among Privacy Badger and uBO which one interferes more with Brave? I guessed uBO might interfere more with Brave security settings. So I went with Privacy Badger as of now.
Of course when we move on to next releases once webRTC leak prevention is built in as in regular Brave, then no need to use either of them.


@nellaiseemai did you enable FPP? This generally stops any webRTC leaks.