Questions on privacy add ons for Brave chromium (Dev, Beta, RC)

I am using all three channels of brave browsers (Beta, Dev and Release). One advantage I feel is that I do not need to add on to improve my privacy. With Firefox and Chrome I usually install HTTPS Everywhere, ublock origin, Privacy badger and Decentraleyes. I do not see I have to add these in Brave browser.

But still I have these questions. Hope someone would clarify.

  1. HTTPS Everywhere is straight forward. It is already implemented in Brave browser.
  2. How does Brave filters compare to ublock origin default set up? How to add my filters to Brave?
  3. Brave does not block 1st party advertisements does this mean it allow trackers from those advertisements? In general, are brave tracker blocking is as effective as Privacy badger?
  4. As for as Decentraleyes I can install it. But I do not know how to adjust HTTPS Everywhere to respect Decentraleyes settings as suggested by Decentraleyes (Decentraleyes | Configure HTTPS Everywhere).

Dev and beta are already so good. I am using Dev as my default browser. So far so good.

  1. Yes.
  2. Filter are good, and most, if not all the ads are blocked, But there in no cosmetic filtering enabled.
  3. Yes.
    4.Iā€™m not sure.

TBH, Cosmetic filtering is a big deal breaker for me. I would just go on and install uBlock Origin but that seems to counter the whole purpose of this browser.

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