Preview and list of custom filter


FIrst, love the cosmetic filter option at right-click menu. :heart:


But, it can be better if Brave:

  • Provide a preview option. This way, users can see which part is selected. Like preview feature on uBO.

I mistakenly block the header area and need to clear the filter for that site and redo the custom blocking. This feature will let user know which area that will be removed before click OK.

Opened a request on GitHub

  • Add menu that linked to page that list the custom rules.

This way, users can navigate to that page, see user-made custom filter, then manually remove choosen filter without completely delete all filter (for that site).

  • Maybe undo function for cosmetic filter?

If users mistakenly removed some area, Undo function will help. You also can put this to right-click menu.

Brave Version
Brave 0.55.1
Chromium: 70.0.3528.4

Windows 8.1

Thank you for the awesome browser!

Any suggestion to stop webRTC leak with Brave Dev browser?

Waiting for this … Was testing the earlier previews where I could not use chrome addons. In this version (Version 0.55.1) I can use chrome extensions. So far really nice.
I was not using the earlier versions mainly because there is no way to stop webRTC leak. But with this version i can do it with addons (Privacy badger or ublock origin). Not sure whether these are needed for purposes other than preventing webRTC leak.
Only sync option, brave payment are missing. I expect them to be in near future versions.
Will update this post after using the preview for extended time.



@nellaiseemai ‘Disable non-proxied UDP’ is default for Tor in Brave and to my understanding it is the equivalent to switching ‘peerconnection.enabled’ to ‘false’ in Mozilla and or using a separate WebRTC blocker or ‘Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses’ in uBo.

Did you try that feature in about:preferences#security under WebRTC IP Handling Policy?


@Numpty, you mentioned about webRTC settings that available at the current Brave. While @nellaiseemai is talking about that setting for the developer build of brave-core.


Sorry, I was under that impression because of the following comment and thought he/she was talking about Brave-Moun not Brave-Core and as you know there was a WebRTC IP Handling Policy in the earlier versions.