Brave vs Firefox


I dont know where to ask this question.
Here it goes:
Yes. Brave is a special browser with lot of goodies focused on security is built in. But my question is how does it compare with firefox + add ons.
For example, with firefox I use these addons - ublock origin, https everywhere, privacy badger, decentralyses, cookie autodelete. Now is this firefox comparable to Brave browser? I also block webRTC leak via ublock origin.
Why I ask this was, I use Firefox and Brave as my main browsers. On a one on one comparison Brave needs little more work to be used as everyday browser. for example all pdf pages are not opening within the browser, twitter or pages like that with continuous flow is little slow etc.
Thank you very much - Nellai


@nellaiseemai Brave is still in the beta phase, when 1.0 is released, you should see many of the problems you are experiencing go away. There is also a way to adjust how Brave handles WebRTC under the security tab in preferences.


Thanks I am using that option already. I just wanted to inform that how I handle that with Firefox.

Yes. Eagerly waiting for 1.0. Any time frame for that? Remember reading it in blog post some time back.


I think it’s supposed to be fall of this year. I don’t believe I’ve heard a solid date for it yet.