Any statistics/ reports for publishers?


I’m not sure about this, but are there any reports available for publishers?
Currently the dashboard is soooo intransparent.

Esp. I’m missing some charts:

  • per registered site
  • income per day/week/month…
  • affiliate clicks…
  • Brave browser usage
  • unique brave browsers

I’ve have one site registered for about ~7 month now. It literally generated 0 income, which is okay, but what I’m missing is some information, if there was any user using Brave or at least using my affiliate link.

Last week I registered some others sites, and generated some income. Now my questions are, when and from which sites the BAT came from?



Yes, we are actually releasing a whole new version of the publisher dashboard in the very near future that’s much improved. If you follow the Github, you may be able to see some screenshots of it that the developers have been sending back and forth to each other :wink:

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@adrian2k7 Your publisher statement should listed the channel name and how many contribution received by those channel.

It looks like this:


Orange box is what I meant @adrian2k7. Usually statement is get updated after payout date (8th of each month).

It should show how many contributions received for each channel.

Thank you. So I think I still have to wait? as there are currently no statements available.

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