BAT not being transferred to my publisher account

So far I’ve been pretty impressed with the publisher support in Brave, but in the course of testing I’ve noticed a potential problem. I have been allocating a small bit of BAT every month from my own browser to go to my publisher account in order to be sure that this system is working correctly. So far, I have not received the 5 BAT from the end of April allocation from my browser. From my browser end, the BAT was paid out, but as a publisher I have seen nothing. I’m fairly certain this also happened with the end of March allocation as well, although I didn’t document that as well as I should have.

It seems that the BAT from my browser gets paid out to Brave, who I then rely upon to distribute properly. There is currently no way for me to have any transparency into this BAT flow, is that correct? If not, will you be adding this feature in the future? Also, it would be great if you can check to see why my last couple of contributions seemingly went nowhere.

I like the model, so once I can feel confident about the funding I’ll be happy to use it more extensively.



Looping in @asad for assistance.


Hi @NT7S,

This month’s payout has been delayed. You can expect it to happen in the first week of June.

Transparency is super important for us – however, we’re just not at 100% yet. :slight_smile: It’s absolutely something we are working on adding in the future.

Can you please PM me your email address? I can look into your contribution history for you.

Asad @ Brave

Thanks Asad, that’s good to know. I tried looking in this section of the forum for information about the monthly BAT transfer, and had noticed you had mentioned some issues this month, but I didn’t know that it was delayed until next month.

Also pleased to hear about the transparency of the chain of custody of the BAT. That’s mainly what I’d like to be assured of going forward. Once that’s all in place, I’ll jump in with both feet for sure.

I appreciate you taking the time to look into this personally for me. I know you guys are quite busy. Will PM you my email address.


I wanted to note here that it’s now 9 June and I still show a 0.00 BAT contribution amount even though there should at the minimum be 3 months of contributions from my own browser, and that no payment has been made to my Uphold account.

Can you check your contribution history receipts to see if the payments were actually submitted to your domain? You can do this by going into your Brave Payments panel (in Brave) and clicking the swirly icon in the top right.


The PDFs linked in that menu show the contributions to me (and a few others last month) as I would expect them to be. I can screenshot them if you’d really like to see.

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Great, no need for internal screenshots. In this case, @Asad will have to check to see if the payouts were successfully made to your publisher account or what the delay might be (since the settlements should have gone through latest yesterday, and I’ve seen numerous confirmations from publishers receiving their payments). I believe he’ll be able to query for this information or have an engineer on the team do so.

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Thanks so much for chiming in @chriscat!

@NT7S, it’s likely your account was accidentally flagged as suspicious etc. by the Publishers app. I’ve added you to an internal list we are tracking. We will go through this list and make sure everyone gets paid out as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

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Thanks again for looking into this. I appreciate that the Brave people on this forum are willing to be helpful.

I do want to register some concerns that this brings up, in the spirit of constructive criticism. I’m giving the Brave Publisher system a try because I recently ditched Patreon for various reasons which you may be able to guess. The underlying concept of Brave is certainly excellent, but the execution has been pretty rocky, so I’m wondering how much more effort I should put into this.

I would highly recommend that if you have a “watch list” of some kind that you come up with some procedure or automated system for resolving it. Apparently I’ve been on this list for 3 months and this is the first I’ve heard of it. It wasn’t even noticed when I last asked about my account a month ago. The lack of communication is quite concerning.

Which brings me to my second point. Having contributions going into a black hole of sorts is worrying as well. As a publisher, I currently have no system of checks to ensure that I’m getting the contributions which have been allocated to my channel. This is the reason I mentioned the transaction transparency in my earlier post on this topic. I feel that publishers are going to want to have some assurances of this income stream if they are going to depend on it. On a similar note, it would be nice if the Payments tab in Brave had an additional method of allocating X amount of BAT per desired publisher per month, on top of the system that’s currently in place now where it’s split up as percentages of a single amount of BAT. That would make it a pretty great substitute to something like Patreon.

I wouldn’t bring these issues up if i didn’t want Brave to succeed. As I mentioned, I think the underlying strategy is good, but there are definitely things that need to be improved on the publisher end (and hopefully Brave 1.0 will fix most of the browser compatibility goofiness, since I still can’t quite use it as my 100% daily driver). Thanks for listening and I’ll be keeping an eye on things to see how they progress. Hopefully you all can restore a bit of my optimism in the project.


I agree with pretty much everything you’re saying here – especially the bit about notifying people that their account is flagged. Thank you for your constructive feedback as well as your patience!

It looks like my account stopped receiving contributions after February. I’ve got Brave on all of my three computers, and they’ve all been funded with BitCoins (from the early days). Did the payments I made to my own site as well as other sites just go down the drain?

I do have payment history stubs showing outgoing payments. Two of my machines had issues sending payments and stopped sending between February and the end of May (working again as of end of May), but the third machine has been working just fine all along. Am I not allowed to use Brave on more than one machine?

I included my own site in Brave Payments so that I could see that it’s actually working, and to me it really does appear not to be working anymore. There is no notice or anything in my publisher account.

(I messed up with the reply/edit button, sorry.)

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I do wonder if sending a small bit of BAT to your own publisher account was the problem, since I was doing the same thing, for the same reason as you. Although I’m not sure how they would trace that back to your browser.

Hi @2da

Looks like there’s a lot of info here, so I’m going to try to separate it a bit and make sure we understand everything:

  • your publisher account stopped receiving contributions after Feb (do you know the date of your last contribution to your publisher account?)
  • you have payment history on at least one machine each month showing a contribution to your site (keep these - we might need them for investigation)
  • your browser wasn’t contributing on two machines but it has since started working on them (there was an issue for this which should have been fixed, glad to hear the fix worked for you :smiley:)
  • you can (and are encouraged!!) to use Brave on multiple machines.

I think your problems are on the publishers side of things, so I’m going to loop in @Asad for help/investigation.


If Brave collects URLs they’d see /wp-admin/. Maybe that sends up red flags? I don’t know. I don’t even know if there is a problem on my side or if Brave just lost all its users. I didn’t even think about it as much of a problem before I stumbled upon this thread. Surely Brave would have told me if there was an issue, right?

Your comment-to-bullet-point conversion was spot-on.

I sent him my email address in a PM (as he requested from @NT7S above) and referenced this thread.

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I am experiencing the same issue as NT7S. I help run a relatively large international niche tech news website (and accompanying YouTube channel) and we are busy preparing for BAT ads integration when the system goes live later this year. We are big fans of the Brave/BAT system so we would obviously like to start promoting it to our readers even before BAT ads go live so that we have at least some of our readers using Brave when the BAT ad system goes live, so that we can slowly start moving away from Adsense and even direct sold ads on our site.

As part of the preparations and testing the system (BAT and any other new things we want to try), I use a spare server and a small side project news website of mine to test things before we integrate anything into our main site.

In January I set my test website (which is verified with Brave and KYC’d at Uphold) as the target in Brave for a BAT contribution. The payment history in the browser shows that the contribution was made but that contribution never arrived in my BAT publisher interface or at Uphold. I then made a small contribution again in May and the same happened with the BAT showing contributed in Brave but not arriving at the publisher.bat interface or Uphold and nothing showing in the publisher interface history.

I also wanted to test the browser referral link and recommended that a friend start using Brave recently and to use my referral link and let me know what he thinks of the process and browser etc. After he downloaded Brave via my referral earlier this month the ‘Downloaded’ and ‘Confirmed’ still show 0. I then pulled out an old laptop and downloaded Brave via my referral link and have used Brave on it for a few days to see if that triggers anything but also nothing, the counters both remain at 0.

Any help with the situation would be appreciated?


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Hi @TheDailyStellar

You’ll want to direct message @Asad the email address associated with your publishers account so he can check into your publisher account. He can provide additional detail, but some accounts were inadvertently marked as suspicious/fraudulent, that could be the case here. Either way, Asad’s your guy for investigation :slight_smile:


Do we have any kind of timeframe on when we’ll hear more about this problem being resolved?


Thank you kindly Lauren. Will do.

@NT7S can you tell me when you receive your payment. I’m also a publisher with the same issue as you.

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