Ad-blocking doesn't work on Twitch

Brave does not block de ads on . So to be able to block those ads it’s needed to use U-block Origin who makes the general performance of the browser worst…

Version 0.69.135

Hi @Alee - thanks for writing in. What OS are you running? Brave does not block 1st party ads, only 3rd party ads.

Would you be willing to send a screenshot of the ads that you’re receiving? Will take a closer look.

Testing on my end, I don’t get ads when streaming twitch content. Can you provide an exact link to the video in which ads appeared?

@Alee Try using this extension,

I’ll try for a time and the moment I get an ad I’ll send it to you, cause in twitch doesn’t appear ads every single time you open a stream. For the time I was using the Ad-blocker Ublock on top but locked down to just twitch and everything went fine.

After I tried with different streams it doesn’t appear any ad as it happened before, so for me, the problem is solved. If I find any similar problem I’ll post it here but for now everything good :slight_smile:.
Also I’ll keep in mind the github extension for the future. Thanks!

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