Magnet Links and Torrent Files No Longer Working


I’ve just updated to and now, when private browsing, if I try to open a magnet link or torrent file I see this message:

Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension.

* Try disabling your extensions.


This was a clean install I did today so I don’t have any extensions to disable… I’ve looked in settings but can’t seem to find anything relevant.

Also, when I’m not private browsing, I get a privacy warning and have to manually paste the magnet link into my client.

Just wondering how I can fix this or disable whatever it is Brave is trying to do with torrents?


I know it’s bad etiquette to bump your own thread but I found an old topic (October) that stated there was a way to turn off ‘webtorrent’ in development at the time (it appears this webtorrent is the cause of at least part of my problem).

I would like to know how close this option is to completion because not being able to torrent in private mode is a major inconvenience for me. I’m seriously considering changing browsers at this point.

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