Ads receiving but bat is not increasing. After last time converted my bats to zebpay my rewards are not increasing even ads are coming as usual

Here is the image

And i am using ( Brave - Nightly 1.62.2, Chromium 119.0.6045.33 ). Android-10.
I waited long hoping it will cure by itself but it did not.

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@Phonk Rather than thinking about the BAT increasing, are you seeing the ad count increase?

It could be your account has been flagged. You may want to create a Rewards Support Ticket at

Hello there, it’s pleasant that you replied. I actually have already created one ticket on the form that you gave. Ticket number is 230781.

I will recommend all my family members brave, if this problem is sought out.

And my ad count is increasing as well.

Your estimated earnings are increasing as well. Please refer to the estimated earnings box in the top-right corner of your Brave Rewards widget.

Payouts are made once a month and the next payout will take place in early November. Thanks!

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Hello Evan, good to see you but sadly my problem is still there. I got 2 new ads and I also saw some news ads. Definitely ads count are increasing but it is still 0.063 bat, as it was a month ago.

The .063 BAT is what is in your Uphold account. Please refer to the other estimated numbers in the top-right corner. That is your estimated earnings for the month of October and it is likely increasing. Thanks!

@Phonk I see Evan answered, but let me make sure to explain things to you a bit more if you’re having difficulties understanding. On the upper right of the area where you see 0.063, you’ll notice that it shows Earnings So Far and then under that it shows 0.174-0.217. This is the estimated earnings you’ll receive when the payment occurs in November.

As we view ads, it estimates what we’ll get. There’s a range so there are fewer issues in case ads don’t fully reconcile before the pay period.

The 0.063 that you’re seeing is the balance you have in ZebPay. It’s what already had been paid to you in the prior month(s). Of course, if you withdraw or move the BAT from ZebPay, that number will change accordingly.

When I saw you mention rewards not increasing, I thought you were saying that your estimated earnings was not changing. But now that you’ve said more, it seems everything is working as intended.

Hello there, it’s been November 9. But yet there is absolutely no bat in my wallet. The same .063 bat and it shows total 40 ads received this month. Then why no bat is increasing ? Please check it guys. I waited long but this problem is even worse to me.

@Phonk one is because payouts are still ongoing. They only begin around the 7th of each month.

I gave you the other suggestion in regards to why estimated earnings aren’t increasing and all at

So it will never going to increase ?

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