Android brave. Open tabs are closed after switching to another app

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Description of the issue:
Open tabs in android brave are closed after switching to another app

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open tabs in brave
    2.switch to another app eg. Gmail
    3.switch back to brave

Expected result: all tabs are closed

Brave Version( check About Brave): latest Android

Mobile Device details android 9

Additional Information:

I couldn’t reproduce your issue.

Performed the following steps:

  1. Launched Brave on Android.
  2. Opened another tab.
  3. Minimized Brave.
  4. Opened Gmail.
  5. Minimized Gmail.
  6. Re-opened the minimized instance of Brave.
  7. Both tabs were present.

Am I missing something?

Hmmm that is definitely not my experience. I just had two tabs open and switched to calendar and then back again. Tabs were closed. The history list does have the URLs.

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Could you provide Brave’s version? Mine is Brave 1.27.109.

My version is 1.26.77

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Have just updated to 127.109… same issue still occurs.

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To the staff at PLEASE stop acting like you don’t know that there’s an issue with your browser ILLEGITIMATELY closing tabs when we open another app like Yahoo Mail, perform some operations, and then switch back to Brave.

This product FLAW is EXTREMELY aggravating and it would behoove your company’s FUTURE market share to SERIOUSLY address it POST HASTE.

If this error is NOT fixed soon, I and MANY others will be forced to ABANDON your product and find another web browser.

Thank you for your dedication to speedy and secure online browsing for socially and ethically conscious consumers.

Your steps are FLAWED. It’s not about you simply opening tabs, but you also need to go to a WEBSITE. So do THIS to attempt the error re-creation:

  1. Launch the Brave browser on your Android mobile phone.
  2. Open a WEBSITE(for example,, and fill out the form WITHOUT sending it.
  3. Open another app on your Android mobile phone(for example, Calculator) and perform a calculation like “1+1=”.
  4. Click on the “currently opened apps” button on your mobile phone and restore the Brave browser.

ALL previously opened tabs will be GONE and only the “new tab” view will be seen. Like the OP indicated, the browser history will still exist, but you’ll have to REOPEN the webpage(s) and ALL text that you may have typed in them will be GONE and UNRECOVERABLE.

Also, how do you “minimize” an open app when you’re using an Android MOBILE phone?

My PERSONAL experience is that you can only just open another app which will then AUTOMATICALLY “minimize” the open app.

Are you confusing the term “minimize” with hitting the “currently opened apps” button?

If my steps were flawed, OP could have told me right away in their next comment, which didn’t happen. I don’t think your steps are correct either, you’re performing everything in a single Brave tab.

What does the Home button do in Android to an application in your opinion? Does it tell the application to do anything else but minimize?

Don’t answer me with comments that contain words only with capital letters, I find my English all right and can read properly.

  1. The error happens regardless of how many tabs are open. :man_facepalming:t6: So no, MY comment is NOT flawed.
  2. I use caps to help my readers with the confusion and disconnect that is inherent in texting. It helps readers determine mood, word emphasis, and other components of successful communication that are missing or diminished with texting.

And since I receive FAR more complements than I do complaints, I’ll be continuing my use of caps as such.

But thank you for your comment, and know that it will be entered as a negative vote for my use of caps.

To ME, the Home button takes me “home” which means the “desktop”. I don’t directly OR indirectly think of the word “minimize” OR of the concept of minimizing something when I think of the word “home” OR of the word “desktop”. So PLEASE don’t use terms that are NOT found on mobile phones as this may confuse inexperienced users. Remember, the purpose of forums designed for troubleshooting is to help users of ALL levels of technical and computer literacy, especially those users who are BEGINNERS.

I couldn’t reproduce your issue on my end. I filled an Amazon form, didn’t send it, switched to another application, did a calculation via the calculator, re-opened Brave - everything was there. If you would like us to continue the discussion, act accordingly. Am I supposed to answer you with a facepalm emoji now that I couldn’t reproduce your issue?, @KennCann
I tried this on my 2Gb ram mobile.

As you said, @KennCann
I opened an Amazon form and filled it without sending it.
Then I tried the calculator and did some calculations.
I was also using or switching to the PWA app of “brave community” also Gmail app
Also, when I re-opened brave everything was working now.
Now I’m gonna switch back to brave and let me check if the form is still there while I’m writing this. It is still there.
Tried everything working fine!


These things can take some time on such a sophisticated piece of equipment such as a cell phone. A mobile device setting could be causing the havoc for all we know at this stage of troubleshooting.

So many factors could be contributing to this issue that we’ll have to get a little creative, it seems. HaHa!!

Thanks for your testing and feedback. :+1:t6:

BTW, it might also help if you could give some information regarding the brand and model of your mobile phone and the version of the operating system that your phone is using. Thanks again!:pray:t6:

Are you finding this error to be time-sensitive? It seems to me that this issue only happens when I’m away from the Brave browser for longer than a quick few seconds.

Does the error happen to you EVERY time you switch back? If NOT, then be looking more closely at what you’re DOING in either app. It could be that the error only happens when we copy something to the clipboard(either in Brave OR the other app) OR when we input some text in either app OR whatever.

Thanks for posting!:+1:t6:

Hello @KennCann ,
Just in case your issue isn’t resolved yet,

have you tried to check if you have this setting enabled? Under Settings > Brave shields & privacy

I’m pretty sure it’s related. ← For the behavior that both of you observing, it’s most likely your device close the Brave app when it’s put in the background; due to your Android setting to save memories or else.

Also, we’re here to troubleshoot and help each others, so a civilized conversation is preferred (is that a correct word?) please be civil.


Hi @eljuno , that seems to have helped… So a big thank you!

It doesn’t override the android memory saving issue of refreshing a tab when you return to the page (can be unhelpful if you are filling in a form and switching between apps to retrieve data)…but that’s another story for another day.

And a thanks to all who have contributed… I didn’t expect this to blow up as it did. Remember perspective.

Cheers and stay chilled.

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