Closing a tab minimizes Brave Mobile App

Description of the issue:
When I close the last open tab, Brave minimizes to the background. This happens regardless of how many tabs I have open in brave. There are no other (non-system) apps running.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Open one a single tab in Brave Mobile App. There must be only one tab open. In the event of multiple tabs, close all tabs except one.
  2. Close the last tab. I do this by pressing the tab icon (looks like [1] when there is 1 tab open) then I swipe the tab off the screen.
  3. Watch brave minimize (or move to the background because I am using Android). The Brave app does not “close.” I can check this when I press the button to show All Open Apps and Brave will pop up with 0 open tabs.

Expected result:
After closing the final tab, Brave mobile app stays in the foreground like it used to, and act how it currently does if you have more than one tab and close any tab as long as there is 1 remaining tab.

Reproduces how often:
Every time I close the last tab regardless of open apps or the contents of the tab.

Brave Version(about:brave):
Brave 1.0.77, Chromium 71.0.3578.99
Mobile Device details
ZTE Grand X Max 2
Android/iOS Version
Android 6.0.1; Z988 Build MMB29M

Additional Information
I am guessing this behavior might have been from a recent update. It did not act this way about a month ago. I have been using Brave for my phone for over 2 years. This behavior is recent.
I do not like this behavior because do some things inside brave after closing the final tab. I always close my tabs before I type a new URL or link from a bookmark because I know that the website you are on can see what URL you used to navigate away from their website. The less information they can sell the better, imo.
Also sometimes I want to clear my browsing history because I hate clutter on my phone and Brave adds recent websites to my homepage links (displayed when I open a blank tab). I want this list as short as possible. You can say I’m a little obsessive about minimalism.

@Korubii Thankd for reporting. Issu is already logged, please track the issue here.


Thank you could you also look into my previous post about Brave making my top bar invisible? On Android, the very top bar is the system bar which shows the time, battery, and things like wifi, Bluetooth, notifications, etc. Brave for some reason has hijacked this bar and blended it white so i only see the time and the battery symbol (without the number indicating the actual %).
Thank you and I will await a fix for this issue.

@Korubii could you please elaborate bit on the issue Brave making my top bar invisible? On Android are you seeing this issue on the latest app store brave version? If so, can you provide steps, please?


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