Android App - Displaying Incorrectly

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Description of the issue:

Opening any webpage on Brave browser in Android will cause text to not appear, images to not appear or be distorted - browser unusable in this state.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open web browser on Phone
  2. Navigate to any website

Expected result:
Websites/images/text to render and display correctly

Brave Version( check About Brave):
T1TN33. 14-90-9

Mobile Device details
Moto G73 / Android 13

Additional Information:
The app settings itself display fine, anything “within” the app is rendered incorrectly.

Issue is somewhat intermittent, 80% of the time it is present, 20% it is not.

Have restarted device, changed theme - no change.

Other forum posts (typically on linux) recommend disabling hardware acceleration, unable to find this setting in mobile browser.

Happy to post screenshots if required, thought I would ask first instead of posting links without permission.

having the exact same on Motorola g54 5g


Exactly the same behaviour on my Moto G73. So it might be a Motorola x Brave issue? I have tried a dm on twitter but Brave support has not responded yet.

Please keep us posted if you do get a response.

Have used Brave for years on an older Motorola Device (G6 plus) without issue.

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Exact same issue here with Moto G power 5G.

I’m having problems which sound like this. Pages are very slow to start loading then ‘load’ (I say load because the refresh button appears suggesting that the page has loaded). The page then looks blank apart from odd bits of text and broken image icons. This is on any page - I always test on the BBC website as a last resort because it rarely goes down or has problems.

I tried deleting the cache and data and it kind of worked for one or two page loads but that was it. I uninstalled it and reinstalled from the Play Store and had the same result.

I’m on an Android TV box with Rockchip RK3528 ARM processor. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection on this device as I can stream HD video using other apps.

I’ve been using Chrome, Firefox and Opera with no problem but keep trying Brave but it doesn’t work. I’m using Brave on a Mac, iPad and iPhone without any current issues.

By the way, there is no difference whether Shields are up or down.

This is a known issue that our devs are working on presently.

Thank you

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This is also a problem for the Cat S75, which is the EU version of the Motorola Defy 2 phone, which has yet to be released.

Same issue. A temporary fix is to reboot but the same issue happens 1-2 times a day .
Also time to time have to close browser and reopen it because buttons ( like play , mute , next buttons) in video players on web pages are broken ( they look like white broken shapes). Happens on youtube , andany website that plays video time to time.
Android 13
Moto G54 Power

I am having the same issue. Phone with Android 13 pictures intermittently do not show

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