Android 6+ APKs that are 108. Chromium doesn't work

Brave doesn’t want to open. It crashes at start.


1.By starting the app.

2.By Updating previous version.

  1. By installing fresh APK

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**1.46.138

Mobile Device details HTc 820 Android 6 I know it’s old but still good.

Additional Information:
Previous two versions, ever since you went to 108. Chromium engine update crashed and failed to start. I downloaded apk installed fresh, still crash. Installed through Google play store still crash.

What is strange, beta and nightly work without problem. Please help.

Running 1.45.133 just fine.

Other browsers work Edge, chrome latest versions but want to use Brave cause of cookie warnings.

I can’t stand every page: we use cookies. Wtf.
Brave is excellent for that.

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Hello there, please accept my apologies for this issue. Please try installing the Beta or Nightly version of Brave to see if the issue persists on those versions.

Be waiting for your response.

Yes, all beta and nightly work including latest ones.
Well the latest nightly still doesn’t have Android 6 but all previous on 108. Chromium work.

It’s just that official orange release doesn’t want to start.

There is an updated orange icon version, but I’m afraid to upgrade since I’ll be forced to delete the app and lose my sync pages and passwords.

Idk, it’s something with the start screen… Just crashes immediately.
Maybe there is a promo screen…idk.

Thanks for the reply, i know I have an old device, but Brave works great, smooth no problem, battery two days… It’s a work phone.

I want to use it just a little bit more.

Oh yeah…now you gonna respond…upgrade to the latest version and see what it does.

Great… Ahhh

It will be the right course of action as it seems that what was causing the app to crash seems to be solved on the newest version, however, if you do not want to update the app, you could try deleting the apps cache or changing the battery power mode to see if this have any influence over the app’s performance.

Nope, doesn’t work, crashes again. Every version of 1.46 doesn’t work.
Latest 1.45. works.
Every beta 1.47… 1.48 works. Nightly works.

I’m done with this… now I have to sync everything by picture from desktop… I can’t have this… I’m going on a holiday trip.

Going back to Edge… I enter my acc and everything is there.

Brave is a nice browser but no way…

I just brought this to your attention cause official app doesn’t work while betas and the rest previous work. It just baffles me.

Battery energy saving…on… off… fresh instal… update, reset the phone.

Its the code,

Whenever someone that is technician that tells me that I have to restatt the device… clear cache… or something else… I have a problem.
Turn it on and off they say.

Thank you…

Maybe this helps someone but unless it is stable 1.47 I will not gonna try.

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@Stanjara are you installing the apk’s from the official Brave repository? Another thing you can try is installing the stable version directly from the PlayStore to see if the apk version you have installed is causing this crash.

If the problem persist, I can only suggest you wait until the 1.47 version gets released on the stable version.

Let me know if that works.

No, I installed fresh apks, stable, beta and nightly from apkmirror.

I also updated and installed fresh stable versions from Google Play Store.

Again, orange official release 146 doesn’t work and crash.

Beta versions 147 and nightly 148 DO work.

They work flawlessly, no stutter, fast, menus make sense, great browser!

It’s chromium engine 108., what most browsers use… except Mozzila, that is great.

Something is different that separates official release from betas in the code that is makeing problems on Android 6.

I just wanted to bring attention to that.
Maybe it helps other people… And me…
to use our old devices a little bit more.

I will wait for 147 official release.
Now using 145 with no problem, but I’m on the latest Edge mobile browser with no problem.

Edge menus and cookie… AdBlock+ built in extension is what makes Edge less desirable to use, but their acc sync is impeccable.

Thank you so much for all replays and efforts.
I really appreciate it.

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@Stanjara thanks to you for your patience, if you have any other issues or concerns, please let me know or create a new community post so we can further assist you.

Regards :lion:

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