Android 12 Pixel 3 XL Crash

I did a clean install of Android 12 on my Pixel 3 XL, I’m trying to install brave but it always crash, I tried beta version and nightly same happens

Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install App
  2. Tap to open
  3. After a second it crash

Expected result:

**Brave Version( check About Brave): Lastest and I tried apkmirror 1.30.86



After I installed 1.30.86, and update it via playstore, the browser works, but I cant toggle ads, this happens. Any advice or help please?



Having the same issue here on a Pixel 3 with fresh install of Android 12. I launch the app and immediately crashes. Tried reinstalling and resetting and nothing.

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I would like to add that this isn’t an issue with just the Pixel 3 XL but also on Pixel 5 with Android 12. After upgrading to Android 12, opening Brave just crashes immediately. If I look in the background apps, I can see it active but if I try to bring it to the foreground, it does the same thing. So it’s not necessarily crashing completely; more like not fully opening.

I tried clearing cache, storage and even reinstalling but no luck either.

Same issue with Pixel 4 XL.


The only workaround is this but you will not receive BAT ads… Help please

Where did you download that version from? I’d like to do the same

Same here on my pixel 4 with the latest public release of Android 12. It was also happening to me on the android 12 beta too. Simply refuses to ever load up, crashes on startup.

Apkmirror download that version and the update it via app store, browser work but without getting paid by ads…

Android 12 Pixel 4 XL: Brave, Brave Beta, and Brave Nightly are all crashing on launch for me.

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Mee to: 1 day ago. Adroid 12 Pixel 3a XL: Brave, Brave Beta, and Nightly are all crashing on launch. :frowning:

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Same issue here with my Pixel 4a5G. Just did a factory reset using Android 12. Opening Brave for the first time shows the setup screen with checkbox for anonymous usage. Tapping continue crashes the browser indefinitely.

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Pixel 3 XL. Android 12, build SP1A.210812.015. Brave Beta 1.32.73.
My brave doesn’t have the loading problem anymore but I can’t turn on Ads in the Brave Rewards Settings. Selecting “ON” causes Brave to close and it’s still in the “OFF” position. No
ads appear.

Update: Upgraded to Brave Beta 1.32.76 and Ads still aren’t appearing.

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Pixel 4a here. Just did factory reset this morning with Android 12. Opening Brave showed checkbox for anonymous usage. Continuing from here crashes the browser. Now every time I open the app, it crashes. Same thing happens with Brave Beta and Brave Nightly. Tried restarting and reinstalling, but no luck.

Of note, Brave worked perfectly normally on the Android 12 beta and Android 12 before I factory reset.

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Same issue with Pixel 4a 5g after phone reset.

Phone: Pixel 4a 5g
OS: Android 12
OS Build: SP1A.210812.015
Brave beta version: 1.32.76
Brave stable version: 1.30.87

Turning ads on still crashes the app… someone has a way?

Always crashes on Android 12 device ( I’m on Android 12 beta program of Samsung)

This is a serious problem with brave on A12, I don’t use ads nor any special feature but above all, I cannot believe that none of the brave team responded or just let you think that they aware of the problem and that’s being adressed … hope is not yet the time to move on guys …
Forgot to mention that only brave does not work on a12, all other chromium based work like charm, tried on different 12 roms from AOSP to MIUI … not even start …

All versions, including Nightly (which should have latest code) won’t open (crash immediately) on Pixel 4 XL with OTA install of Android 12, reset also.

Please everyone having this crash, post over on Github to get attention of devs
(I’m guessing community is only for self-help)

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Also crashing on my Pixel 4a 5g