Android 6.0.1 but play store message device not compatible

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Description of the issue:
Android 6.0.1 but Play store do not give update App option. Choosing Install option says Device not compatible

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:
All help documents mention Android 6 and above supported by brave

Installed version is working as on date but not upgrading to latest

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave was installed in December 2021.
Last update was 13 January 2023.
App version 1.46.154
Chromium 108.0.5359.128

Mobile Device details
Xiaomi Note 3

Additional Information:

That’s correct. Android 6 is no longer supported. It was dropped in 2022. This is because it reached End Of Life support from Google. Once that happens, people stop providing updates. You also will see Pokemon GO and all no longer support Android 6 as well.

Would think it won’t be much longer before Android 7 support is dropped too. But not sure when they’ll be doing that.

Thanks for clarifying.

I think accordingly -

Brave help pages should also be updated.
They still showing - minimum requirements for Brave is Android 6 and upwards.

I suspected - Brave may have dropped support for Android 6 but help pages proclaiming minimum requirements for Brave as Android 6

prompted me to ask for help at Brave community.

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