Turning off/cancelling notifications


I am running Brave beta. I constantly get messages asking for whether I want notificaitons, I always say no. And still I get some notifications. And I have no idea (despite searching) how to turn it off once and for all. Do you?


Make sure you are posting your support requests in the correct category - in this case it would be the Beta Builds category. I’ve moved this post there on our behalf.

If you’d like to block notifications by default (and not receive pop-ups):

  1. Open the main menu
  2. Navigate to Settings --> Advanced --> Privacy/Security --> Content Settings --> Notifications
  3. Toggle these off so that the value is now set to Blocked

You should no longer be asked if you’d like to receive notifications from a website.


I am receiving notifications from sites not on this list:

Pito Salas

Brandeis Computer Science

Volen 134


Just to close it up, that toggle at the top will block all sits from asking to display notifications:

Can you show me what sites send you notifications? A screenshot of the notification itself would be helpful as well.