An error has occured. Please contact the application provider

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  1. My uphold account says “disconnected”. I click on the icon to connect and it won’t let me . I get the following message. “An error has occured. Please contact the application provider.”
  2. I open up Brave/ Click on the reward triangle. CLick rewards setting. Click disconnected Icon
    Click authorize and that message appears.

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@reedbranch ,
So you have been able to successfully verify your wallet previously, correct? Also, can you tell me what region you’re in as well as if you’re on a VPN?

I have never been able to verify it. I have tried to verify it with a VPN off and again with it on. I am in The United States in the state of Nevada.


Typically when a wallet is unverified (and never has been) it won’t say Disconnected – it would just say Verify wallet, which is why I asked. I’m also wondering if you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

You do have an Uphold account to verify with though, correct? If so, can you try logging into your Uphold account via the Uphold site, then (once authenticated) go back to the Rewards icon and try clicking the Disconnected button again and see if you get the same results.

I do have a uphold account. I have a message in with uphold too. I am having a hard time accessing my account with uphold. That might be the issue.

@reedbranch ,
That is very likely the issue. You should continue corresponding with Uphold support and work with them to get your Uphold account issue resolved.

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