Verify Wallet not working

I have a verified Uphold account, but when I try to link it to my browser nothing happens. image|336x500
If I click on the “Verify Wallet” button or the verify hyperlink at the bottom, nothing happens – I’m not brought to another page and no new tabs open. I’ve tried going to brave://rewards/#verify, but I have the same problem.

When I turn off Brave Rewards and turn it back on, the Verify Wallet button instead says disconnected:

When I click on the disconnected button, it brings me to an Uphold tab where I can log in, but then there’s a small pop-up that says there’s some error. The pop-up closes itself in half a second, so I can’t read much of what it says or screenshot it, but after it shows the “Disconnect” button goes back to Verify Wallet and I can’t click anything.

How can I fix this so I can use my BAT?

Edit: I’ve tried disabling all of my extensions and it doesn’t help at all

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