Amount of bats shows different

I am using same uphold account in 3 phones and I am using brave browser in laptop too so basically 4 brave browser connected to 1 uphold account the amount of basic attention token (BAT) shows different balance in all. I have accumulated a total of 91.997 bats in brave wallet but my uphold account is showing only 54.997 bats why they are showing different balance seems like the payment of approx 37 bats is missing that’s why the bats are showing less amount I already contacted uphold support they are saying that this issue will be solved by brave browser support so please do the needful I will be attaching screenshot showing balances of all browsers just to make things easier for you

@patt17 go to brave://rewards-internals in each device and share the screenshots with this info:

if one of your wallets is showing more than 0 in the Rewards BAT then that wallet it’s not sending the bat to your Uphold wallet.

after this, please wait for one of the support member to further troubleshoot your issue.

@Adrian_02 @GreenBananaPorridge @SaltyBanana @Mattches

note: in the future make the effort of filling the template, it is there for a reason, Please

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yes as you can see out of my 4 brave browser wallets 3 of them are showing more than 0 so plz take necessary steps and plz do the needful asap thanks @Adrian_02 @GreenBananaPorridge @SaltyBanana @Mattches

yes as you can see out of my 4 brave browser wallets 3 of them are showing more than 0 so plz take necessary steps and plz do the needful asap thanks @Adrian_02 @GreenBananaPorridge @SaltyBanana @Mattches

Have you ever linked another Brave Rewards account to your Uphold wallet? This includes reinstalling Brave or your OS, resetting or replacing your device, and multiple profiles on one device.

no never i did anything like that plz help me guys in releasing my remaining bats to my uphold account

The reason I asked about additional Brave Rewards profiles/devices is that Uphold limits you to four devices/profiles per lifetime. It is sometimes possible to link additional devices, but those additional devices will never be able to transfer BAT to the Uphold account. Reinstalling Brave or your OS and resetting your device all create new profiles, which count against your four. If this is what happened to you, there is nothing that Brave can do about it, because these limitations are set by Uphold.

Brave will soon allow us to use Gemini wallets instead, so you may have to wait until then to transfer your remaining BAT from those three Brave accounts.

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brother i know all that but as i already told you i havent done anything like that i have 3 brave browsers installed in 3 different phones plus 1 brave browser installed in laptop and i have linked all of the 4 to my same uphold account can i get a solution bro?

Unfortunately it won’t do any good to contact Uphold. The Brave team is working on a way to unlink old accounts and restore the device allotments. In addition, Brave will soon offer the option of linking to a Gemini wallet instead.

I personally refuse to link my Brave accounts to Uphold at all, just because of Uphold’s history of shady business practices, outrageously high transfer fees, and the recent massive embezzlement by their now-former Chief Compliance Officer. I don’t trust Uphold AT ALL. I am waiting for Gemini wallets to become available, and I will evaluate them before I link my Brave accounts.

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I just let it sit and collect in my Brave wallets.

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Yes, disconnecting is fine. Just understand that it will NOT restore one of your device allotments.

I don’t believe they have announced a roll-out date for the Gemini wallets, but I know it’s in progress. You can follow it here:


@rosiecar brother u havent replied to my messages i have not done anything like that what should i do next? u told me to wait for the brave support members so that they further troubleshoot the issue but they have not contacted me yet what to do now brother please guide me

If you have NEVER linked more than four devices/profiles to your Uphold wallet, and you haven’t reinstalled Brave or your OS or reset/replaced a device, then there is one of several other issues that may be affecting you that the Brave devs are aware of but haven’t yet solved. Please be patient.

@steeven can you help?

@steeven brother now i have waited and given u the email which u were asking can u tell me when can i expect to get my remaining bats?

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