After update settings shows two copies of brave, NO notifications showing up

iMac Big Sur 11.6. Brave 1.31.87.
Updated yesterday or the day before. After the update I stopped receiving desktop notifications from BRAVE. Missed an important meeting. Checked notification settings and I have two copies of BRAVE showing in the notification panel. Closed and opened BRAVE. Restarted computer. I can’t have this. How do I fix it? Both copies are set to allow notifications in the settings panel of the computer OS. The working BRAVE copy I have is set to show notifications in the browser settings. I have added gmail, calendar, drive to the “Allowed to send notifications” list and set the browser to allow sites to ask. What do I do?

This is normal. One is for website and the other is for calendar notifications.

How do I restore desktop notifications then? Everything appears to be set correctly.

Huh? It’s already set “correctly”. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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