Ads Stopped Displaying

Hi UK user here…

Settings are correct as I have been getting the ads previously etc.

It seems that the ads have stopped in displaying to myself.

Version 0.63.55 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thank you for reaching out to us. I have another user encountering this same issue here on Community – would it be alright if I merged your threads together to better track/gather information?


I’ve been using Brave Browser on Mac Mojave for a couple months now and started using latest version with Brave Rewards Ads enabled since May 1. Since then I’ve received 109 Ads, but starting two days ago I stopped receiving ads altogether. Im located in the US (OS Region=United States & OS language=English(US) and using latest version: Version 0.63.55 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit). Is there some issue?

Also, i my wallet is empty and I have BAT accruing and see payout cycle is the 5th. I expected that BAT earned between May 1 - May4 would have been paid out? Or do i need to wait for next cycle?


Thank you for reaching out and welcome to Community! :tada:

Seems like you’re describing two separate issues here:

  1. Brave Ads – which were appearing regularly/as intended up to this point – have not been served in the last ~2 days
    • I doubt that you by happenstance wouldn’t see any ads for that long – but do remember that the Maximum ads per hour option is a ceiling, not a floor. There are some debugging instructions for the terminal you can try in order to get a better look at what’s going on in the background.
  2. Earnings for the ads you’ve viewed don’t seem to be reflected in your wallet after May payout.
    • Your earnings should appear in the form of grants with a notification specific to ad earnings. There may be a bug associated with this behavior – looking around now. Will return when I have more information on this.

Just so we’re all on the same page here, I’ve moved @mschwartz0659’s report of the same behavior (and OS) here so we can get as much data surrounding the issue as possible.

Please see my initial response above and answer it as it applies to your situation.

yes two separate issues.

  1. I understand about floor/ceiling. I didnt always gets 5 per hour, but always seem to get one when i first returned to browser, and got them pretty regularly threw the day. My browser usage yesterday and today has been the norm, and Ive not received a single ad notification.

Those instructions dont seem to work on a mac. If i paste into terminal it just returns to new line and no new dev browser is open.
nyc1-dev-14771s-MacBook-Pro:Applications mps$ /Applications/Brave\ Browser\\ Browser\ Dev --enable-logging=stderr --log-level=2 --vmodule=brave_ads=3 2&>1 | grep “Notification not made”
nyc1-dev-14771s-MacBook-Pro:Applications mps$

Looking further, it looks like with Mac, there is no dev version installed?
nyc1-dev-14771s-MacBook-Pro:Applications mps$ pwd
nyc1-dev-14771s-MacBook-Pro:Applications mps$ ls -lh |grep -i brave
drwxr-xr-x@ 3 mps admin 96B May 9 16:15 Brave

Any other advice?

  1. Here is what i see in rewards page. I used browser pretty equally from May 1 until today, so thought Id receive some payout on May 5, but if I missed cycle and will get all on June 5, thats fine. Was just confused of the process:

I realized those instructions were specifically for users of the dev browser, I suppose, so I amended the terminal command as such. As written it just launches a new tab point to

I switched the 2&>1 to match what is on the Linux instructions: 2>&1 and now the command launches a new Brave Browser instance, but then terminal returns to new line and doenst keep a log open. I pasted the URL waited 30 seconds and moved cursor but nothing printed to the terminal

/Applications/Brave\\ Browser --enable-logging=stderr --log-level=2 --vmodule=brave_ads=3 2>&1 | grep "Notification not made"

Another other further instructions to get the info you need?

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Thanks Mattches for combining the threads, as mentioned on this thread, as soon as I opened the Brave browser a ad was displayed.

Can you tell if you have hit the maximum limit for the day? (hidden counter?)

BTW tried the console, nothing showed up on the console, but weirdly the ads are showing again.

My issue was resolved by restarting the browser. Immediately upon doing so and waiting 30 seconds, I received a notification. I rarely every close my browser and reboot usually only once a month. Was working fine for about 2 weeks before I hit this issue but glad to know its resolved by restarting browser.

Would be great to know about my issue #2 regarding payouts on the 5th.

Thanks! Really loving the Brave Browser so far!

Very glad to hear this is working for you! And yes, you likely just missed the cycle and will receive any earnings during the next payout date.

just a heads up, this happened again. I hadnt receive any ad notifications all day today. I restarted the browser, waited 30 seconds and got a notification immediately (and two more in the past hour). Prior to this previous weekend, I had the same browser session running for two weeks and got ad notifications daily as expected.

Hi… UK user too. All not getting anymore ads. Any ideas why?

Stopped again, this time i noted the amount of ads viewed and it hasnt shifted for least 2hrs.

@weellee @vekariya17 have you guys tried restarting the browser? This issue happens to me every couple days and browser restart fixes it instantly. I installed the latest update the other day and it seems to happen less frequently now

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UK User here. Haven’t had a single one all day. Same for yesterday too I think.

Tried restarting browser (CMD+Q) also tried resetting the macbook, tried turning off vpn etc.

[s]Yeah something is definitely wrong here. I was previously getting loads of ads, all the time, now I’ve not had ANY for at least 4 days, not a single one. I’m in the U.K btw.

Could I have exhausted the catalogue or what?

I only use Brave in the evenings when I get home, for watching youtube, etc. My partner who lives with me, uses it constantly (as she’s home all day), and she’s getting tonnes of ads.

I’m certainly opted in (I turned it off and back on again just to be sure). I can’t see why it’s just, stopped.[/s]

EDIT: Finally got one, for an ad I’ve not seen before too. First in around 4 days. I presume it’s the catalogue matching? I presume the reason my GF is constantly getting them is that she browses much more than me. Still though when I first started using Brave, I was getting them all the time too.
EDIT 2: Yeah since that post I’ve now had 5 ads. What changed, guys? None for 4 days then suddenly I start getting them? Couple of different ones and now one of the old ones.