Ads showing up in news feed

I am not registered for rewards, since my profile was flagged with no reason given, and I was denied appeal (months ago)

I am still seeing ads in the news feed.

How do I turn them off?

Go to brave://rewards/ turn off the Ads. You may find the solution.

rewards isn’t even turned on.

I’m strongly considering it tbh

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At this time, Brave News contains ads that cannot be independently disabled. Here’s a quick side by side comparison between Brave and Google. Thank you!

Are there any plans to be able to switch them off?

It seems out of place for a browser that is marketed as having a built in ad-blocker - to have built-in ads that can’t be switched off.

I know the differences between Brave & Chrome, which is why I switched over to Brave in the first place.

Thanks for the succinct answer.

Start using rewards program and off all the Ads.