I am not getting ads in brave news

i am not getting any ads in brave news
provide any solution please’

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You are not guaranteed ads in Brave News. It is possible there aren’t any IC ads in your region or that you hit the view limits for them. You can always visit https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ to discover what ad campaigns are in your area.
It also shows you:

  • What OS can see each campaign

  • If they are IC (inline content), SI (Sponsored Image, which is New Tab Page ads), or PN (Push Notifications).

  • The maximum amount of times you can see ads from each campaign

  • When each campaign starts and ends.

  • How much BAT you get for seeing the ad

For example:

On this you can see it’s PN, so wouldn’t appear in Brave News or anything. These ads can start appearing February 1 and ends on February 29, so basically it lasts 29 days. However, it also says a maximum of 2 ads per day, and total of only 22 times you can see the ad. So while active for 29 days, you might hit the view limit in just 11 days.

So yeah, it’s important to pay attention to things like this. Other consideration is like in below:

You see under OS it only shows Windows and Mac. This means Linux, Android, iOS, etc wouldn’t be able to view these ads.

I am explaining this to you as it is unknown if you really have any problems. Usually if anything is blocking you from ads, then you wouldn’t be able to see PN or SI/NTP ads either.

If you look at the link I provided, do you see many campaigns that have ads with IC, such as below?


And if you look at when the campaign started and the view limits, would it be reasonable to say you might have hit those limits? Is it available for your OS?

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today i am getting ads in brave news but not many onlu 2 in 4-5 hours

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Did you take a look at the link for the things I mentioned? If there’s not a lot available to you, then of course you won’t see a lot. We’re never promised to see ads. There is a “maximum” we can see, but never a minimum.

And at least glad to hear some are appearing. It kind of makes it seem that things are indeed working as intended, though having to assume it based off of what little info I have readily available on what you shared.

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yes i have check that link but i did’nt understand what that is

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Okay, so this one in particular is Karate Combat. It shows that you can see it a maximum of 20 times in one day, but then a maximum of 140 times. That’s the 20/–/–/140 that you see. It’s Day/Week/Month/Total

Looking at the top left, the campaign started in November 2023 and ends on February 25, 2024. (just 2-3 days from now).

I think of math. 140 divided by 20 is 7. This means you could hit the maximum allowable views for that ad campaign in just 7 days, assuming you hit the 20 per day limit. So you could have easily done this back in November. Then that means you wouldn’t be able to see those ads again for all of December, January, and February.

Other thing to consider is under OS it has the penguin, which is Linux icon. So that particular ad is for Linux only. You may see something similar to that for other OS though, which I think we see a hint of below it since I see the top of Value, Ads, etc. So you’d scroll to see whichever OS you’re using and if the limits and all are the same.

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ok thanks for the explanation and solution and your time

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