Ads & Rewards Resetting/Disappearing

Why do my Ads and Rewards randomly reset/disappear and I’m not talking for the payouts?

Last month my ads viewed randomly dropped from the 80’s to the 60’s and rewards accordingly mid month… I didn’t worry about it at first but today even after the withdrawals from the 5th my numbers dropped from the 30’s back to now 3.

Anyone else experienced this with any suggestions?

@Arexme first, please read the following post and let me know if it’s still unclear. An update to our Brave Rewards UI and a brief explainer on Ads BAT flow


Hi @eljuno … I have read that before and maybe I’m missing something but that doesn’t explain why mid month the numbers are decreasing or on todays date when this morning I check in at 30+ only to then be back down at 3 ads viewed come lunch time.

Correct me if I have misread.

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