Ads only in mornings.... Weird

Hi all!

First of all, I would like to mention that for the first month since February, my BAT arrived automatically!!!

However, since few weeks, I have ads only during the nights and mornings (UTC+2)…
My settings are on 10ads/hour and honestly, I’m far from getting them but what is really weird is that I don’t get ads in the afternoon and early nights…

Any thoughts?

PS: on Android, Brave up to date.
PPS: on my laptop, I just have 1 or 2 ads per day, same as on Android, only in the mornings…

Hey there,

A full list of regions where Brave Ads are available can be found on
Please note that ad campaigns vary by country, and by operating system. In some countries, there may be fewer ads observed throughout the month based on campaign size, delivery pacing, operating systems, content categories and that advertisers have selected to run their ads to. As we continue to generate additional demand for countries where Brave Ads are available, the consistency should improve over time.
Brave Ads users in some regions may have restrictions on connecting a custodial wallet (e.g. Gemini and Uphold) and may only be able to use their earnings for creator contributions.

Please note that this setting is a ceiling rather than a floor. That is; it does not dictate how many ads you will see per hour – it dictates the maximum number of ads you may see per hour. This number will always fall between 0 and X, inclusive.

I also set it to 10ads/hour and honestly, I’m far from getting them…

Couldn’t even tell you how much i received today (maybe 5 or 6), because i can’t change the market and to be honest i don’t care.

If you believe in that project (besides claiming to get rewarded with some peanuts) then stick to it, if not then don’t.

Success comes on long term in a bullish market.
Not in a bearish market full of fear.

I was not expecting the judgment in the last part of your answer…

I do what I want indeed …

The point is why only mornings and nights and none during the days…

Btw, thanks for the link shared.

@KyWalH didn’t want to judge you, sorry for that.

Times are not easy at the moment, but i’m sure there are better ones to come.

I believe they are working hard on the issues, be patient.
Nothing is going to be lost.

stay safe

No worries.

I wasn’t saying I wanted more ads.
Honestly, I can’t just stay opening ads all day long.

I’m only reporting a weird behavior of having ads over nights and in mornings ONLY…

Stay safe too !

Man, just chill seriously. what the heck.

You constantly mindfucking people in the threads. It’s no help.

It’s normal. The catalog refreshs automatically once a day (around 0 hour GMT) and it runs out as the day goes on.

Sometimes there are heavier pacing delivery mechanisms so the catalog tends to last longer. Sometimes there are not so we won’t have campaigns with substantial ads.

Oh ok…
Makes sense somehow.

Thanks !

dear sir @g00z
It’s not my intention to mindf…k or offend anyone.
But sometimes may it will help somebody to do some research on their own :thinking:


i think more than 75%+ of all topics could be consolidated into less than 10.

Most of the users moaning around because their “payment” or Brave beeing useless because of some vanities, before doing any research by themselfs (read time <1min)
You think that helps?

I’m using internet for more than 25years now and the biggest problem (imho) still remains. Many, many people rather complain then gain some knowledge at first.

I didn’t had a single problem so far, which couldn’t be solved without opening a topic.
What do you think why?

  • a) I did my own research
  • b) I did my own research

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going to chill now :saluting_face: :call_me_hand:

stay safe everybody, don’t be so serious :smiley:, love you too :kissing_heart:

You could read this (from top to bottom please)
Maybe that will clear things up, also regarding my previous posts.

Topic ends after an endless discussion, a brave employee putting much effort into it, posting the same answer multiple times and it ends just like it startet :face_with_thermometer:

…still chilling :grinning:

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