Anyone having ad issues in the daytime (max ads on)

I am not receiving ads during the time frame (8am-8pm) can someone please assist. I have been asking on this board about multiple occurrences and no solution. Brave please assist.


Same here, ever since January I’ve noticed I am no longer getting ads.

see its not just me, idk why this is like this lets hope to get some help soon

Same here, check out this link:

This shows what adds are offered in your region. I think the issue is that adds eb and flow, meaning they send adds out when advertisers pay for them. Look like my region is offering average payouts of 0.005 BAT per add, yet I have maybe received one so far this month.

What I have noticed is that a BAT symbol will pop up on one of the adds in Brave news and if I click it I get BAT. I doubt they are changing the model, but maybe their efforts are focused on sending out payments right now, than following up about user adds. Just a thought, probably wrong.

One last thing, if you aren’t getting adds try clicking on all the adds/news that show up in Brave news. That’ll give the occasional 0.005 BAT. That’s how I have earned the majority of my BAT, so far, for January (0.563 BAT).

The ad activity has become too unpredictable off lately. Even with max ads on, I’m receiving 1-2 ads per hour (sometimes even no ads)

great link man and it is helpful, but I need them to fix the issue I know it cant be normal to ONLY receive ads at night

Please note that setting the max number of ads is a ceiling not a floor – the fact that you’re seeing 1-2 ads per day instead of x number doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong. Please see the “Expected behavior” section in the following article for a better understanding of how the system works:

Are you connected to a VPN at this time?

@Mattches I am using no vpn at all I don’t understand this no ads in the daytime still only right before bed, consistent the whole weekend

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