Ads Not Coming on Desktop

It is been two months now and My earning on a desktop browser are almost gone. Not earning an even dollar in, ads are not coming.


Please reply someone

Same but it’s second day

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Chill, it’s just your second day. Probably, give the browser some time to analyse your usage. The ads will depend on your usage.

Ex : If you search about Cryptocurrency, brave will display ads related to it.


Is contact support is dead here. why none of them is reply here

I agree, something is definitely up. I’ve received 12 ads since the 12/10 and none yesterday. Prior to the 12/10, was averaging substantially more on a daily basis.

There have been no local configuration changes to my machine, post the 12/10. My browsing habits haven’t changed in that time. Am also aware of the regional specific ad campaigns currently offered (and there are a number of them).

Operating System: Windows 10, 32 bit
Brave version: 1.15.75 (Chromium 86.0.4240.99)

What’s interesting is that i’m still receiving a flow of ads on my android device. I’ve recently started using Brave on my IOS device as well - and seem to be receiving ads on this also. So it seems that Windows has been impacted by a recent change.

Would appreciate support comment on this.


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@steeven - can you pls assist with this one?

I’ve been having problems the last couple of months on desktop and android too. First the counters stuck and then the ads slowed and then stopped. I fixed it on android by reinstalling. Considering doing same with desktop as despite immediately installing all updates the problem persists. I believe it’s a known issue that @steeven, @Mattches and the Brave support team are looking into and testing on beta. Hopefully we’ll have a solution soon. :blush:

So I uninstalled and reinstalled Brave (newest version) from my desktop today and so far ads are working again. Might be worth a try @niruktt?

I have updated my browser to a newer version but still not ads :frowning:

Hi @niruktt. Updates didn’t fix it for me either. I disconnected my wallet, completely uninstalled app, deleted history too, and then I installed again. So far it’s working. Had 10 ads so far. Might be worth a try?

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Same here since 2 months!
Had some issues some month ago…but they were fixed by @steeven.
…but now it’s buggy again…hope to get some support again!

[Version 1.15.75 Chromium: 86.0.4240.99] WIN 10 / 64bit

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Tnks, i do this and work, but i lost my wallet balance :sleepy:

Sorry @MatyasDoyle. :confused: Mine was empty already from getting no ads so never thought of that.

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well, look like I am now start receiving ads on my desktop browser. Not too much but I hope it get better.

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