Ads have started to appear on brave!

For few days there were no ads on brave but now I’m getting ads on YouTube… I installed this app for his ad blocking system but now it’s not working the way it used to…
Here are some ss of those ads…
Please brave app developers fix this ASAP…

Try in aggresive mode in sheilds? @DivingDome

Can you tell me how i can do that?

  1. Click on the Lion icon in the url bar,
  2. Advanced controls.
  3. Block ads and trackers
  4. Select Aggressive.

Failing that, try clear browsing data.

  1. Brave Settings
  2. Brave sheilds & privacy
  3. Clear browsing data
  4. Select time range
  5. Clear data
  6. Close/Restart Brave.

Thank you, it’s working!

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