I am getting advertisements

All of a sudden I am being shown ads even though ad blocking is activated.

Hello @sgmsolutions, thank you for contacting us. What kind of device and OS do you have? Have you tried turning OFF/ON shields? or setting them in aggressive mode? check that under shields > advanced controls > Block trackers and ads > aggressively block trackers and ads Let us know if that helps. Regards.

@sgmsolutions Really helps if you don’t delete the templates and actually provide details requested. So info it asked of you when you went to create this topic were:

Exact URL of the website in question:

Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave
Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off?

Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (yes/no):

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome?

Brave version (check About Brave):

Hi, thanks for replying, I am using a translator for this message so I might have some typo.

When I installed Brave it was all great, I loved it in a way that it is currently my default browser on windows 11 and iPhone.

The messages started popping up out of the blue with no explanation as I haven’t changed any of the settings.

The ads are popping up on every page I visit: here are the screenshot images.

web: www.youtube.com
web: www.motivaciones.life

In the same way, when I activate the aggressive mode, the webs run slow and do not even load correctly.

Thanks for sharing. I just tested it on my Windows 11 Pro and seems like I’m not duplicating it. You can see what I’m seeing below:

I’m going to try to mention a few steps and have you try.


At brave://settings/shields, which you shared screenshot of. Change the Trackers & ads blocking (I think is Bloqueo de rastreadores y anuncios on yours, if I typed that right), change to Aggressive instead of Standard

Step 2

When on page above, you can go to Content Filtering, which looks to be Filtrado de contenido on yours. Then activate the following:

  • Fanboy Annoyance List
  • uBlock Annoyances List

Step 3

This step likely not necessary, but we’re just going to do a force update to make sure your adblock is definitely running the latest. Go to brave://components and click Check for update on Brave Ad Block Updater. Honestly while you’re at it, may as well try to update everything, lol.

iPhone won’t be able to access the components part. Also it can’t change between standard and aggressive. So not as many options there. But if you have this selected, plus go to Content Filtering on this same menu and active the Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List I informed you of, you should see great improvement there as well.


In terms of your Windows, if you don’t see improvement after the changes I mentioned, then would like you to try in a Private Window. If it works with no ads in Private Window, then check if you have installed extensions. If you have, try to disable them and see if improvement.

When I activate the aggressive option it is impossible to navigate in the pages because the websites do not enter or the browser works very slow. On my iPhone I have brave as my default browser and it works perfectly, 1 day ago the Brave browser was blocking everything perfectly to a level that I have recommended it to my friends to avoid all the ads.

If I update Brave forcibly I lose my BAT?

It should be loading faster. So this is very awkward. But make sure you have those filters active that I shared with you, as they also help.

If you mean updating the components, no. They just are just making little built-in extensions that are part of the browser are operating with newest updates. It should do it automatically but sometimes can be delays. So “forcing update” just means you’re double checking that it’s all using latest. If it isn’t, will update for you.

Only things that tend to cause you to lose BAT is if you uninstall Brave, you Reset your Rewards, or you format your PC (which gets rid of Brave data).

I understand, check all modules and they are up to date.

Fanboy Annoyance List
uBlock Annoyances List

because WhatsApp web doesn’t work, and Brave Community doesn’t work either. I’ll wait and see if at some point it gets fixed or a solution appears.

Activate, you mean. Make sure they are checked to use.

Only thing we haven’t done which resolves sometimes is for you to clear cookies.

And of course, you never did say if you tried in Private Window.

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in these screenshots I show you how the filter lists are, the incognito mode shows ads and with tor it doesn’t show ads but you can see the frames. I’m going to delete all the cookies now.

Captura de pantalla 2022-12-22 152130

since you speak spanish, then it is good you enable also the Easylist or Adguard Spanish regional list.

What I notice is you are not blocking anything, you should at least see 4 elements blocking the Brave logo, on default settings, because these will be blocked regardless if you have it set to aggressive or standard. Use Aggressive anyway, it will act like any normal adblocker, doing first and third party adblocking instead of 3rd party only.

If you go to brave://components and you find Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: what does it say? if you click update what happens? it should be in 1.0.144 or higher, so better check your filter lists are being downloaded if not Adblocker won’t be able to do anything.

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I understand what you are saying, the components are all updated to the latest version.

The strange thing about all this is that since I installed Brave everything was working correctly.

I did not modify anything else.

This is what I find strange, now I am going to clean all the cookies and see if it works.

Problem solved! I put everything back to the way it was from the beginning and only cleaned the cookies and my problem was solved! @Saoiray Thanks!!! I have my Brave browser blocking all advertisements on any web page again!

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Thank @Emi you for your observation but I find that it is not necessary to activate another filter and I live in the Dominican Republic. I say that in my case, I feel that when I activate the other filters the speed of Brave decreases.

Thanks @Jarc-1107 for your advice and I will take it into account for another time but when I activate the aggressive version some pages do not enter or stay in the air.

Enabling (all) the lists would cause some perf issues, but enabling a few won’t do much. Enabling too many lists will cause some false positives more so than any perfomance hits.

While not a default list, the Annoyances lists really do clean up the web.

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