Address bar shortened after I installed my first extension

Hey guys!

I don’t know if those are the right tags, anyhow, I installed my first extension(Dashlane) and right after the little extension symbol appears the address bar shortened and centralized it self, creating two gigantic spaces for each side.

Is that supposed to happen? Can I change this to look like it was before, or even as it is on Chrome?


@GeorgesKV welcome to the community. @mattches got you cover.

Thank you for reaching out – for future reference, we prefer you fill out the template found in the editor when posting so we can get the relevant base information we need for troubleshooting.

That said, would you mind sharing a screenshot of how your address bar looks after installing Dashlane? You can copy/paste screenshots into the editor or upload saved images from your PC using the upload option in the editor:

Thanks Dgenies and Mattches, sorry for not using the template.

I’ve found a solution, was trying to search a way to remove the number notifications for the global shield and found a setting named “Use wide location bar” for some reason after installing Dashlane this changed to off, after I clicked on it my address bar went back to what I like.