Pinned extensions bar shrinks to 2 or 5 extensions when I move Brave's window

Hi, I joined to report an issue not present in a previous version of Brave I was using but appeared in

(I really hope this isn’t a “new feature” because it’s annoying and the user is obliged to more clicks than necessary)

I have pinned 11 extensions to the right of the address bar. I can see them all fine when I start Brave (maximized). If I grab Brave’s window from the top (with the intention to move it or resize it) and leave it back to its maximized state, the “Pinned extensions bar” shrinks and show only 5 of them (or 2 if the “eye” icon of extensions permissions is shown).

Same behavior if I grab a tab and move it to my second monitor or the whole window. (I’m using 2 monitors and often move Brave from the one monitor to the other but I don’t think its relevant, because it happens even when I only use one)

If I right-click one of the 2 or 5 visible extensions, then the remaining extensions reappear. i.e. they are not unpinned . Just “automatically” (and annoyingly) hidden.

This didn’t happen in a previous version (1.33) that I was using before. I expect my pinned extensions to always be visible no matter what.

If it is a bug then I’m reporting it. If it’s a new feature, tell me a way to disable it.

I tried on/off the setting “Use wide address bar” if it is relevant but even with a non-wide bar the pinned ext. bar still shrinks leaving blank space between the address bar and the 1st visible extension.


Can anyone confirm this behavior and tell me if it’s “Normal”?
A recently added “feature”?
Can’t be that hard. We all are in front of Brave all the time.

Well…this support community SUCKS.
A week and you couldn’t even check a simple thing that is right in front of you, even now that you are reading this?
That’s lame.

I registered just to ask this little thing that every user could check and reply in a second…yet no one did.
So this is not a “community” it’s a disgrace.
Delete my account.

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