Address bar on bottom would be amazing

Youtube that keeps playing while the screen is off, Brave and Firefox it, Vivaldi won’t


YouTube is always bothering with its YT Premium Ads, like “Subscribe, onii-chaaaaaa! Nyaaa!”…

Been asked for this over 2 years now…

i requested to opera in the forum about background youtube video playback …they said they will be considering this feature…

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+1 on that. Actually what would be best I think an option to have the URL bar appear when you press on Search.


Seems Brave team don’t read here…
Still no bottom bar. But as some said, with the toolbar buttons at the bottom, you can press on the :mag_right: icon and it’s as if you pressed on the top address bar) I just realized it too.

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Yes, please, that would be very nice! It’s standard in the VIA browser and it’s very handy!

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Why not asking Brave merging with Vivaldi then?

More toolbar functionality in general would be great for brave in my opinion. Options to hide, resize or translate and gestures to unhide.

I do more and more on the browser, so customization is a top priority in my opinion.

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Not just address bar but the whole favorites, tabs and navbar on desktop! I have a neck issue so I really value the top of my screen – the bottom is painful so with all the real-estate taken up by favorites and tabs and address bar I only have less then 2 inches of screen space I can actually use on my normal size laptop. I looked under appearance and couldn’t find that toggle on desktop.

I’ll donate either$45 if you manage to get the navbar only on the top and the favorites and tabs on the bottom, or $40 if you put the whole clunk on the bottom and LMK I was an influencer. I don’t like to shop, sorry, so not subscribing to your money making scheme (yet).

Go team brave; I enjoyed the JS guy on the lexcast and am here as a consequence. I hope more old people get on brave so that their time wasted by ads and scammers can be decreased. My grandpa spends a lot of time filtering scammers and ads out of his email – maybe you can provide an email service also that auto unsubscribes after a period of time without user interaction like WeChat.


You can use YouTube ReVanced for that. It doesn’t have any ads, it is more hard to access YouTube Short than average YouTube and it can play on background.

Yes, and not only that, but Brave could use the Kiwi code for stacked tab style tab switching, too.

would like bottom address bar option as well

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By the way, is anyone from Brave reading these forums, or is it just us talking to each other?


Brave it’s not Vivaldi… Unless you teach them the FUsion technic, and we’ll get Bravaldi.

Nope, it looks ugly have tried firefox and also it’s not user friendly.

Address Bar on bottom with the bottom toolbar looks hideous & clumsy. The adress bar at the top is fine and ofcourse there’s is search button at the bottom toolbar, clicking on which opens the address bar at the top, which is pretty classy.