Alt + D keyboard shortcut highlights menu toolbar and address/url bar at the same time


Hi devs.

If you press the “Alt + D” keyboard shortcut, it highlights the menu bar at the same time as moving the cursor to the address/url textbox.

Can you please fix this bug?

I noticed it’s already 2 years since it was reported and is yet to be fixed. =(



Hi @SkinnyMoonHunter,
Which Brave version that you use? It’s seems that you’re still using Brave (muon) 0.25.x or earlier.

0.25.x is the last version for previous Brave (muon) that no longer supported and has been replaced by the new Brave 0.59.x and higher.

You should be asked to upgrade from 0.25.x to 0.59.x. If you not get the notification upgrade, you can download the new version from

You don’t need to uninstall the old version . You can run it in parallel then import your browser data from prev. Brave to avoid data lost.

More about importing data

You also can migrate your wallet



Hi eljuno!

You’re so right!

I tried to “check for updates” and it says there are no updates and it’s already the latest.

And then when I checked, it’s 0.25.x!!

I mean, it should’ve been able to update on its own right?

Anyways, it’s all good now. I am on 0.59.35!!

Thanks @eljuno!!! :hugs:

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