Hi, Brave! I see that you have added additional filters for russian sites, such as BitBlock List, but the subscriptions still lack the filter since only this one successfully blocks ads from Yandex. As I understand it, the Brave blocker is based on ublock? Then there will be no compatibility issues.


I also don’t want to create a separate topic, so another example of non-blocked ads (and one cosmetic problem) on the site in the mobile version:

Browser: Brave 1.24.64 Chromium: 90.0.4430.72

brave://adblock conf: seems to keep changing the rules, am prodding a few ru filterlists authors to review it

Adding custom lists is on the todo list:

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It’s cool that custom filters are in the todo list, but it seems like this query is over a year old. Just in case, another example of Yandex advertising that completely ignores Brave.

Adding this into brave://adblock

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I added this lines and restarted the browser. No changes. The ad is still being displayed. It seems that Yandex generates random class names and therefore it is simply impossible to block its ads with simple selectors?

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