Adding a filter list to Shields

I would like to add Peter Lowe’s list to Brave Shields but I can’t seem to figure out the URL to the list. The webpage has tons of information except the simple link to the actual list.

Can someone help me out? Thank you so much.

Ok so I go to IMDB and there’s a giant ad on top of the page:

I turn on UBO and it gets blocked. I look at the logger and it says that Peter Lowe’s list and Easy Privacy catch it and block it.

If these lists are being used, what’s causing the different results? Also, for future reference, what is the URL to those two lists so that I can add them myself?

The Ad on top ( is blocked for me just using Brave Shields. Do you have Trackers & Ads set to “Aggressive”.

Hello @Sluggo, thank you for bringing this to our attention. You can go to: brave://settings/shields/filters and add your own custom filter lists from different sources just copying/pasting the URL and pressing save changes. Hope it helps.


Thanks! For example, what would the exact url for Peter’s list be?

Peter Lowes list included in shields, by default

Well I’m confused because the ad wasn’t getting blocked, then I turned on UBO, saw that it blocked by Peter’s list.

Secondly, just for future reference, what is the url for that list?

Re-looking at imdb; 99% (if not 100%) of Peter Lowes lists are already covered in Easylist and Easyprivacy.

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