Still getting ads on Brave. Please fix

I’m still getting annoying ads on Youtube and IMDB. I thought Brave would block these. But looks like Youtube and IMBD is catching on. They are not ads in front of the video, they are ads on the page. IMDB has a ton of ads on every page and youtube is posting ads as if they are videos on the main page. @Brave team please fix this. Ads are the bane of my existence and the ad blocker is the only reason why I use your browser. PLEASE PLEASE for the love of GOD block all ads. I created a block element from the menu but it only works for individual ads. I hate that these sites are ad whores and don’t vet the ad buyers. Will someone please help me?!?!


also getting ads nonstop on youtube x.x
its siphoning the life outta me. please fix this.

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Please go to brave://components and make sure your ‘Brave Ad Block Resources Library’ is up to date.

If it is, try settings shields to aggressive (click on brave icon in url bar)

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