Add Startpage and DuckDuckGo image search options instead of Google and Bing

I’m also disappointed that the image search has been switched to directly use Bing or Google.


It’s a waste of time that I really am not enjoying at all.

Add me to that list.
I use yandex for image and video now.


I just hop over to Startpage personally. I try to avoid DDG these days because I really don’t care for their recent changes of policy. Startpage isn’t perfect since it proxies Google but they aren’t outright talking about censoring things they don’t like and they have great features like Anonymous View which hides your IP and further confuses fingerprinting if you want to visit a site you’ve never been to before.


I, like most of you, am completely dumbfounded as to why Brave, the champion of privacy would give us the two worst possible options for images and videos, much like @lorewright, I just set my launchpage in Brave to as a temporry fix while Brave gets their shi* together, it offers all Brave use to offer in one single page without having to go to the darkside for images and videos


I miss Neeva even more now.

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I’m genuinely considering switching over to Startpage for the time being as well. If not for Brave’s independent results and the Summarizer, I would have already done so. It just gets really old looking something up and then realizing I have to go to a different search engine to get images.


Absolutely! I don’t trust Google or Bing either. They’re both too big and powerful, and they’ve been caught tracking and abusing user data in the past. I’m glad that so many guys agree on this important issue.

I use brave as my browser and DuckDuckGo as my search engine. I think it’s better not the best. For image search duckduckgo and start page is more safer I think.

Btw, if you guys haven’t noticed, Brave has Image Search again.


Indeed, thanks for sharing. I still switch over to Startpage a lot of the time because the new Brave image index still has a little way to go, but I’m glad for any progress!

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I absolutely agree with making this change. I’m still new to the Brave Browser, but I changed because of Google. It’s frustrating to ditch certain activities because Brave wants Google to be involved somehow and wants me to grant permission to do so. Why?! Does Brave not have the capabilities or resources to provide certain services? Then they should join with another company that Google or Meta, for instance, does not have a controlling grip over! :100::woman_shrugging:t3:

Like I said, still new to Brave…so, just now realized this was from 6 months ago. But, then why am I still getting requests to have Brave use Google?! This is not cool. Tell me again about my Privacy, using #bravebrowser?

@Jmp.park not only was it from back then, but you seem to be completely off topic in whatever it is you were trying to say. This topic was about how Brave Search was going straight to Google for image searches while Brave was finishing up their database.

Then you’re making completely inaccurate claims it seems, like saying Brave wants Google to be involved in things. Perhaps you should create your own topic and try to be more specific on things so people can educate you a bit more. As it goes, it seems you’re completely misunderstanding what Brave is about and how things work.

Like I said I’m still new to Brave and using the community. But yes. Next time, I’ll be sure to add screen shot references the next time it happens. Thank you for your understanding and patience to new members. I’ll try not to be such a bother to you. :wink:

Jennifer M Park