Migrate search engines from another browser

I switched from Google Chrome to Brave on Mac a few days ago, and the only thing that’s missing is my custom search engines that I had on Google Chrome. I have moved over my bookmarks, but I do not see a way to move my custom search engines.

Is this something that Brave could work on, or is this a blocker from Google Chrome’s end?

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Click on the 3 bars in the upper right corner (menu) -> Settings
Scroll down a bit to “search engine”

There you can add your own, manage known ones etc…

Do you use Brave in version 0.63.48?

Are you about migrating or managing search engines?
You should have 100 search engines if you don’t want to enter them manually…

I am aware of a way to add custom search engines. But, the primary issue is around importing al search engines from Google Chrome to Brave.

Giving it a closer look, I do see some search engines moved over now. But, a few custom ones that I had created are still missing. Wonder if there is a way to re-trigger importing of all search engines. :thinking:

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Yeah, exactly. You can add search engines manually but you can’t import them i.e. from Chrome. Which is a pity - myself, I have about a ~50-100 of them set up.

Do you have a ticket/GH issue for that already? Maybe I could help implementing that feature, maybe could raise a PR :wink:

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@jtom great insight let me scream @mattches,

You’re welcome to create a feature request or Github issue for this but I imagine it will get low priority for a while. Importing search engine’s isn’t exactly at the top of eveyone’s list of “must-haves”.

How custom are these searches? And how many are there?

Actually I want to request this feature too since I have a lot of search engines, about 100 or so. Has the Github issue been created for this?

Plus one for this feature. Search engine customization is a great performance booster. I have over 50 in chrome, and moving them manually is one big hurdle to make the transition to Brave.

+1, this would be great! I rely on these a lot for quick keyboard nav and have dozens defined, so it makes it tough to give Brave an earnest try, on top of having to install & configure extensions :grinning:

Opened a GitHub issue.

This is the reason I registered here. Everything was migrated over nicely from Chrome, apart from my 100 custom search engines. I have a custom search set up for every damn dictionary site, shopping site, virtually every site that has a search field I was using from the search/URL bar in Chrome.

I just downloaded Brave today and this is the feature that sent me back to Chrome. I’m a security expert but also a power user. I use the “Search engine” feature of Chrome to type little 2-3 letter snippets to go to all of my websites. So for example, I type “ji” to search JIRA and I type “git” to go to my Github PR page. I know Chrome calls them search engines but they’re just links in 99% of the case. I must have 100 of them setup, easily.

Well, I’ll check back in a year to see if this is implemented. There’s no way I’m spending 4 hours moving them all over.