Add payout increased?

seems like where I used to get .005 an AD< today im getting .01, due to BAT getting crushed I assume. Anyway nice to increase earnings on a per coin basis, now if crypto could just stop plummeting

The amount of BAT you get per ad can change, for example some campaigns simply offer more BAT for a viewed ad than others

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I believe @taran99y is correct, payouts for viewed ads can change depending on how much the Ad company paid. They also have to pay in BAT I believe, and that’s what we get for views.

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even better people paying more for Ads

@bbrown9506 As other said, it fluctuates based on who pays and all. They have been open with us on what ads pay and what ads are available in our region, which has been awesome. They just revamped the style of the page to provide more info. Check link below and you’ll see the ads in your region, what they pay, what devices they will appear on, etc.

Also, below are links to posts/comments that were made to educate us a bit on ads and what they pay. If you hadn’t seen them, it might be helpful to check it out so you can have a better understanding.

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