Brave search box missing

I need search box like this how can i add this

@Dasun Not sure what you’re talking about. The screenshot you’re showing is the default page for The bar on the top is also a URL/Search bar, where anything you type there will search on whichever your default search browser might be.

You have not provided enough information to show what your problem is or anything.


In the future, when you create a Topic, it helps if you make sure to choose a Category that your question or issue belongs in. When you do this, it will also put a template in your text box that asks you information that is important, such as which version of Brave you’re using and a description of your problem.

This is the brave version I use
I want to add a search box like the third picture to my browser
The third picture is from the internet
can you tell me how to enable this feature like this

Screenshot 2022-10-08 225018


@Dasun Like I mentioned, that’s only

Click on the link and you’ll see it’s the exact same. Only difference is the one you’re using is Dark Theme, which you can change to by hitting the gear icon toward the top right.

This one here is the New Tab Page (NTP) which you have for your Home screen. This will show ads blocked, is where you can see Favorites, and occasionally will have NTP ads appear which will earn you BAT. (once you activate your Rewards. In the screenshot I just quoted, you have not yet activated Rewards)

every web browser has search box like this.

I need to add a search box for my Brave browser like this. is it possible.

I’m not meaning about address bar I am only talking about search box for the web browser
Please if you can help me it would be very kind .because I love to use barve browser but I miss so much search box

this is settings for Microsoft edge search box .do you have search box settings like that?

  1. Go to brave://settings/appearance, enable Show home button and in the Enter custom web address place
  2. Go to brave://settings/newTab, and set the New tab page shows to Homepage
  3. Close settings.

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