Add More Icons For Bookmark Folder Image

It would be nice to be able to select or add different images for Bookmarks folders. Currently all we have is plain yellow. Heavy browser users could quickly fill up their bookmark toolbar and need folders for further organization. Having different icons/emoji’s, or the ability to upload your own image (while adhering to space limitations since it’s like a favicon, 48x48 256x256 or less).

For example if I have 10 links to different financial type websites, I can make the folder with a Green Dollar sign, with some sort of downwards arrow indicating that it’s a folder. Then for all my music links I can have a pair of headphones or a music note as the folder icon.

This would make it a lot easier to browse through hundreds of bookmarks all categorized with user-selected images. Currently I have to code-name my folders and bookmarks with single letters to avoid taking up all the space available on the bookmark bar and if I want it to have an image from the favicon I can’t put it into a folder.

I think that the other feature request below covers this use case but with more flexibility. Instead of asking Brave folks to predetermine a set of folders to choose from, you could get what you want by simply hiding the fixed folder icon of today for all of your folders. Then as we can do today we would simply name folders as we wished, which includes emojis as well as text.