Bookmark Customization Feature

Brave Browser should have this feature:

Brave has what a lot of browsers have which is Bookmark Folders to organize your bookmarks in, this way your bookmarks bar can look compact and easy to access.

However, any browser don’t have a feature to add a custom Icon to the Bookmarks Folder.

Brave should add a feature to add a custom file (PNG,JPEG,ICO) which is an image that can be put as your bookmarks folder icon.
Here’s how the normal bookmark folder looks without this:
Here’s how it would look like with a custom icon:

did Brave listen to my idea?

It looks so much better.

Brave should have this as a lot of browsers don’t have this and Brave could be the first and also it’s more customizability for the users of Brave to have this feature.
Thank You the Team of Brave for reading so far,

Change the name of the post from “Feature Brave Should Add” to a more specific title, like “Bookmarks Customization”.

Many people will then be attracted towards the post.


Ya it is a good feature for Brave Browser to implement but not that much necessary.
If this is implemented we should have 2 options :-

  1. To change the folder icon color to what we want.
  2. And also an option to change the folder icon to what we want.
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Yes that would be great to be able to change the bookmarks/folder

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I am sorry to say, but this was implemented on the Beta version long time ago even before you made this post…