Bookmark menu bar: replace "bookmark folder icon" with (new) "bookmark folder buttons"

Context: I show the Bookmark toolbar. It rocks. It is loaded with folders (11 total), each with bookmarks associated with a context. It means fewer clicks to more frequently used content. I like short folder names because I don’t need large click-targets but I do want many to show even when the browser is running in a narrower window. I found emojis make excellent short folder names–icons for work :briefcase:, family :family_man_woman_girl_boy:, hot-topics :fire:, tools :toolbox:, new-stuff :inbox_tray:. The emoji doesn’t even need to be relevant to the topic. I make the association quick and the pictures are easy to spot. Trouble is, all Chromium browsers prepend a folder icon to all bookmark folder names. The icon brings no value to my workflow and takes up twice the space I could use for more awesome folders.

Recommendation: Replace the folder icons with a styling similar to the background change invoked when rolling over a bookmark folder on the bookmark menu bar today. When the mouse rolls over a folder, the background of the folder name darkens. If that style were presented at all times it would delineate individual folders–the same purpose the bulky folder icons serve today. It would make the text function more like a button. The exact style of this new design does not need to match the rollover style. Text titles would appear to be wider buttons. Emoji titles would be more narrow. Strongly recommend forcing a minimum button width regardless of the folder title width.

What does this accomplish?

  • eliminate repetitive iconography in a space intended to be searched at a glance.
  • lean into hip and clever emoji usage without neglecting traditional alphanumeric uses.
  • preserve a decent click space the folder icon provides.