2 missed obviously features for groups of tabs

Hello, iam using Brave on desktop from it appears, and have some to add toi. But now I want talk about mobile app for Android.

so here is 2 feature, when really need for live.

  1. see screenshot one, with groups of tabs.

what can u do with them?

  • moving around, change placement and order of group.

  • open one and delete tab from it/or add to it

  • merge groups

  • delete groups

what u can’t?

U can’t take a group of tabs and just ADD IT TO BOOKMARKS!

but it so obviously needs! at pc u can take browser window full of tabs and just click “add all tabs for bookmarks”

what else u can’t? u can take one tab and share url, but why u cant share whole group of tabs and send it? just by links divided

also question why I can EXPORT logins and passwords in file, but CAN’T import file with logins and passwords. its just surreal.

iam very love Brave, and promote him and BAT (iam verified creator) from early days.

I just want to make it better.


with respect and best regards,