Add a simple screenshot feature

Add a built in screenshot feature to brave. Right click, select screenshot and be able to drag the selected area to screenshot, or select a certain element, or full page. The screenshot goes to downloads/whatever folder the user has selected in their settings. I think this could be useful to really quickly be able to take screenshots of specific elements in particular, it’s a fast way to take screenshots rather than having to pull up whatever screenshot tool you currently use.

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If you’re on a mac, to take a screenshot, you can press and hold Shift+Command+3. (If your OS is windows that would be Windows logo key+PrtScn.)
If you want to capture a portion of the screen, press and hold Shift+Command+4 and then select area. It will copy to your clip board and you can paste it anywhere e.g. a folder or doc. (If your OS is windows that would be Windows logo key+Shift+S”)

I was thinking more firefox style screenshots built into the browser, like firefox allows you to select elements on the page to ss which is really useful I find