Add a simple screenshot feature

Add a built in screenshot feature to brave. Right click, select screenshot and be able to drag the selected area to screenshot, or select a certain element, or full page. The screenshot goes to downloads/whatever folder the user has selected in their settings. I think this could be useful to really quickly be able to take screenshots of specific elements in particular, it’s a fast way to take screenshots rather than having to pull up whatever screenshot tool you currently use.


If you’re on a mac, to take a screenshot, you can press and hold Shift+Command+3. (If your OS is windows that would be Windows logo key+PrtScn.)
If you want to capture a portion of the screen, press and hold Shift+Command+4 and then select area. It will copy to your clip board and you can paste it anywhere e.g. a folder or doc. (If your OS is windows that would be Windows logo key+Shift+S”)


I was thinking more firefox style screenshots built into the browser, like firefox allows you to select elements on the page to ss which is really useful I find


I would prefer something more like opera screenshots


Thats just a work around, but browsers like opera and firefox have a feature to take screenshots of a site built in the browser.


+1 to the firefox screenshot feature, it’s become the most useful thing ever. So right, just right click, drag, and copy whatever you have highlighted, it’s amazing. Would love to see this feature here.


I am on Windows 7 and I had to press: Windows Logo Key + S + End and it copied the image automatically in OneNote, from there you can do what you want with it. (But the Shift sequence did nothing).
But thank you for the tip.

Please Brave devs add a screenshot/screenclipping capability! It is a critical feature that I use daily and this is one of the final features missing from Brave that prevents me from using this as my main browser.

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And hope Brave develops a full webpage screenshot feature too.

True maybe something like firefox

You can use any of screenshots/capture add-ons from Chrome’s store.

I use this

Also you can use Window’s screenshots (prtsc key) or a utility like Sharex or Window’s “Snipping tool”.

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An in-browser option to take screenshots would be a good idea. It would be faster and surely we would not have to use any third party extension

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Right, I dont like always having to open the Snippet tool from Windows to do so

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If you jump into DevTools and press CTRL + Shift + P (Windows) and write capture there are a bunch of capture options

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Could Devs make a work around button on a corner of UI? I got bored and added this extension

works pretty fine.

I use Lightshot app. You can resize the screenshot, paint, write, mark, drag, copy, instant online share, etc. and it’s one click to activate ( PrtScn ).

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Everything… for free??? I like the I have because it’s the lightest one.

I just use Snip & sketch which is built into windows 10
Just press windiws logo key + shift + S
You can also use Snipping tool (windows 7) or OneNote

I like Edge’s web capturing tool. Being able to capture the whole page is very very useful

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Sorry for the late reply. Yes, everything’s free and its only 4mb.

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