Brave Web Capture Option (Capture Area, Capture Full Page)

Like the MS Edge browser, I think we need a web capture option in Brave! If we had that, I would love it!

Brave already has area screenshot from Chromium, it is in the share button in the address bar.
It should be on by default, if not brave://flags/#sharing-desktop-screenshots


As the other poster mentioned, there’s a flag to enable area screenshots. However, I agree with your feature request that Brave needs the ability to capture full-webpage screenshots as well.

The Developer Tools has the ability to capture full-page screenshots, but that’s not a proper solution as it’s clunky to use and also doesn’t work properly if the browser zoom level is greater than 100% (it cuts the right-hand edge off).

But the problem is, it will only take a screenshot of what’s currently visible on the screen. We can’t take a screenshot while scrolling. Therefore, this experimental feature may not be very useful, as we can already take screenshots using Windows Snip & Sketch.

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