ADD a Option to capture screenshots / recording , built-in browser

Are you about to suggest we add something or alter something to Brave? Don’t just tell us what you want - a lot of people want a lot of things. Instead, state your requested feature and state your case for why it should be seriously considered. You’re much more likely to get feedback from the team this way.
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Add a option to take screenshot or recordings , that saves them at a designated place , its important so i don’t install sketchy extensions to do the same work , as one i used was removed from webstore for virus , etc

@Idiana_kami screenshot tool is already in the browser. Click the Share button (image) and then click on Screenshot. You select what you want it to screenshot and there you go.


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Devtools also offer more options for screencapturing, which includes full pages and nodes.

But if you are on Windows 11, the snipping tool app works with prrintscreen key now (by default) and the snipping tool app now includes screen recording if necessary, so I don’t see why you need to install an extension for it.
Plus there is always ShareX which is the best screenshot app and offers way many more features than windows app if you need something better.

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When I do this it just goes straight to the clipboard, no option to select to what part of the page I want to capture (Windows, v1.57.57)

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yes thats right , hope they add this feature soon

I still don’t understand why this isn’t in Brave like it is in Edge for example, it’s hardly a privacy issue and is a very useful feature for quickly grabbing support information and not needing to worry about how I can grab a quick screenshot within the browser - other external tools don’t often work well if you are remoted on to the machine you’re using.