Add screenshot functionality for Brave on desktop (FEATURE REQUEST)

As an ex-firefox user, one of the biggest features of firefox is the screenshot tool that is extremely helpful. You can take screenshots easily with such a helpful tool for any web page in the browser and you can access the image on other platforms if you sync it. I see somebody requested on Mobile but It would be much more helpful if we can have that in Mac/PC version and it needs to have the sync function along as well, or there would be no point and we can rather use the snipping tool from windows 10 or macOS. This is a very helpful productivity feature.

I see both @Mattches and @steeven responding to users here at the forum actively being brave’s staffs, please do take a look at my feature request and let me know.

Thank You.

On windows 10 we have that screen snip, so i do not know if it is really necessary
Just sayin

@Andrei.T You are indeed correct but this tool what windows 10 provides isn’t that convenient and quick to use as much as having an in-built screenshot tool on a browser. Let’s take firefox as an example, you can take screenshots very quickly whenever you want, if it’s the tool that Microsoft provides on windows 10, you need to wait longer for it to load and open if you have closed it. You can also sync your screenshot through firefox’s account which is extremely helpful when using the browser in different platforms. This is often called one of the firefox’s “crucial”/“killer” feature. Ofc, you can use the snipping tool but if you want to share that image on another device, it’s a big headache, you will need to do it through email or etc. Having in-built screenshot tool with sync option can really be helpful and can be a huge productivity feature which would be awesome to have in Brave!!

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