Adblocking on

When i watch tv shows on there is constantly new redirect tabs opening where ever i click, I tried turning on Block Scripts, but then video player disables.

I tried and they don’t seem to be streaming sites? Can you confirm the site url?

check pm…© issues. link sharing

Cheers, Not yet able to stop the popups. I’ve added some custom filters. The adblocking implementation will improve.

I visit this site often, so i hate popup opening every time visiting and on play pause touch.

Ublock origin on Firefox is blocking both ads and popups. But Firefox heats my phone too much while browsing,so i dont use it. Better Brave can do that.

how actually these adblocking filters and lists works in brave android? Did you updated the host file on your server side, it will reflect and update my host and filter list on my browser instantly? Like the Adaway, says Host file update available?

And are these blocking host and filter lists are in plane text? because i browsed the root data folder on brave browser there are some .dat abp file.

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