Dudestream.com "Ad Blocker Detected"

Description of the issue:
This site has really good streaming quality for lots of sports but lately is coming up with “Ad Blocker Detected”, and It’s almost unusable with Shields down.

Exact URL of the website in question:

Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave:

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no) yes

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off? Yes… but the ads are so extreme it is difficult to even get to a video.

Does the ad appear when using a Private window as well? (yes/no) yes

What OS are you using when you see the ad? Android 12

Brave version (check About Brave): 1.59.120

edit- I tried setting ad blocking to aggressive, turning on Fanboys & Ublock annoyances, and updating everything in brave://components.

Thank you for your support!

This is one of the things will have to let @fanboynz test. On my Desktop, it’s no issues

On my iPhone, even with Shields on, I get lots of “ads” and redirects:

I don’t have my old Android easily accessible, so not testing on that. But guessing may be some things to check out.

But @twiIightfurniture , I’ll give you a heads up. These types of streaming sites usually have a lot of rolling ad servers and all. As such, they can be tricky. And let’s face it, their streaming isn’t exactly legal to begin with. So it’s not like they are there to make your life easy.

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Set the Adblocker to aggressive in Settings.

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@anon57438784 I just want to point out that OP said he did put it on Aggressive.

And on my iPhone, I also had it set default as aggressive.

But I know Shields on iPhone sucks royally compared to the other OS. It’s something they have yet to work on completely. That said, it has gotten worlds better than it used to be.

Yeah, I noticed the Edit after submitting.

Remember iOS is a little more limited than Chromium Desktop/Android

An exact URL where this happens is needed, should be the typical connection no being blocked, or a regex if it worked in uBlock and not Brave.

I see a regex
/^https?:\/\/[a-z]{5,7}\.com\/script\/[-_0-9a-z]+(\.min)?\.js$/$script,3p,match-case,domain=~edu|~gov is being used which seems work fine, but might cause issues in iOS, I don’t know iOS limitations.

Brave has issues with $/$ and match-case, if there is a / in the middle so the best workaround is /^https?:\/\/[a-z]{5,7}\.com\/script\/[-_0-9a-z]+(\.min)?\.js/$script,3p,match-case,domain=~edu|~gov remove the regex ‘end’ $.

I saw also uBlock is using a rule I fixed time ago.

?_=e3&v=*&s=$script,3p,to=com I converted it to → ?_=e3&v=*&s=$script,3p

But this only happened when I disabled scriptlet injections in the page.

new feature to not being supported in Brave adblocker. I fixed it sometime ago, so it doesn’t affect me.

uBlock is not doing anything, and Brave blocks lugajxy.com ||smfpkupbnyk.com and ||mubqeommo.com which are the weird connections I see in Devtools/ublock logger fine, might be different since these websites love using different domains for the scripts.

There are so many livesports websites like livetv.sx, which has tons of sports sportsurge.net as well, and it has links to other websites other than dudestream, for hockey onhockey.tv or NHL specifically nhl66.ir, for MLB mlbstreams.me or mlb66.ir and so on. If dudestream is causing issues, you can use an alternative if possible.

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@twiIightfurniture Are you running a DNS based adblocker or some filtered DNS?

This could be the reason for this problems, Brave has a feature $redirect or $redirect-rule and it will be messed up by DNS based adblockers.

If you do in your router or something, disable it in Brave by changing the DNS settings → Brave Shields & privacy → Use secure DNS and use another one.

This is what I can think of the issue, you should never use DNS based adblockers for this. If not you can get detected easily since you are not letting the adblocker do its job.
DNS based adblockers are limited to whole domains or subdomains, that’s it, while Browsers can see every connection and modify scripts and html elements and all that.
Limited DNS adblockers belong to apps and all that, which is good, but not the browser like Brave that has an advanced adblocker on Android.

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I really appreciate the responses, this is a great community.

@Saoiray yeah I understand, the pervasiveness of the ads on these streaming sites is crazy.

@anon57438784 Thank you for the other links, I actually found this site on sportssurge and thought it was worth mentioning since it seems to have extremely reliable and good quality streams compared to the others.

Yes, I was running adguard dns! But I turned it off yesterday and was still getting the popup from just brave’s adblocker. However, today the popup has vanished and streams work fine. So maybe the adblock detection service shifted, my cache cleared/cookies expired, or Brave’s lists updated… in any case, no problem at the moment!

Thank you for taking the time, I am not a programmer and this stuff is fascinating to learn about.

@twiIightfurniture just change the DNS inside Brave, keep the Adguard DNS in your phone for your other apps like I said. This issue was maybe a DNS caching thing, or something, but the Adblocker getting detected because of limited adblocker is very common. Because people don’t understand Brave adblocker can do anything a DNS adblocker can and more, not needing it at all, and like I said, it can break functionality in the adblocker,

If you get popups or something like that, it means it is a missing rule or an unsupported rule from uBlock as I explained, you report them, they get fixed.
But for adblocking detection it is a missing rule or something that needs adjusting, and if people don’t get it, it must be a something like DNS adblocker. That’s why I will always suggest to disable it in Brave since Brave adblocker will handle things 1000 times better for being able to see each individual connection from a domain and not just domains.

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